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Our technical support team comprises professional installers and certified technicians who possess extensive experience working with our products. We recognize the urgency for swift resolutions, and we are committed to assisting contractors in getting their equipment up and running as quickly as possible.
Key traits of our Technical Support Team:
  • Over 75 years of combined technical experience and nationally recognized certifications in HVAC/R trade.
  • We specialize in troubleshooting our Sea Breeze, Thermal Zone and IRP branded products. (Mini-splits, TTW’s, Portables, PTACs, Dehumidifiers and Window Air Conditioners).
  • Our technicians are happy to assist in parts replacement, warranty and technical documentation.
  • We are involved in design, testing, and professional application of the systems and parts distributed throughout the United States, Canada and the Caribbean.
  • A large portion of our 200,000 sq ft facility is dedicated to testing our products under extreme environments and conditions.

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